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6 Exercises That Help You Nail a Perfect Crow Pose

  • Squeeze Squat

    Begin in a standing forward fold with your hands in front of you on the ground. Heel-toe your feet wide apart, pointing your toes out so that your hips are open. Bend your knees, releasing your hips toward the ground, hovering above at whatever height feels good for you. Keep your knees in line with your ankles. Take your elbows inside of your thighs, lightly pressing them out, and take hands together like a prayer at the center of chest. Keep your spine long. Now, start to squeeze your thighs into your arms as tightly as you can without moving your arms. This is the same squeezing action required for the open-hip variation of crow pose as well as “baby crow.” Breathe here for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

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