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20-Minute Full Body Efficiency Workout

The full body workout we recommend here is also ideal for busy women who have very little time to visit the gym. No need to mention, you can save money on expensive gym membership fees.


Star by warming up for about 30 seconds – you can opt for high knees or marching on the spot, then take a 20-second break. Do 3 sets before you start the workout.

How To Do It

The entire workout includes 4 full body exercises, each of which takes 6 sets of 20-second intervals. The only thing you’ll need for this workout is an exercise mat and strong will.

What To Expect

The video below explains each exercise in detail.

  1. Reverse Burpee with a twist (Easier version: Burpee with push up on knees)
  2. Overhead lunge with pulse
  3. Plank hold with site tab (Easier version: Plank hold)
  4. Up and Down Plank (Easier version: Push-up hold with alternating arm extension).


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