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15 Cancer Signs and Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore

Routine tests allow a doctor to detect whether or not you have cancer. However, you should also pay special attention to your body as it will surely tell you if there’s something wrong that needs immediate attention. Upon coming across the signs and symptoms mentioned below, pay your doctor a visit right away. Commonly, they are associated with cancer.

Shortness of Breath

A lot of individuals suffering from lung cancer say that one of the symptoms they have noticed was ending up winded quite easily. Oftentimes, shortness of breath due to lung cancer is accompanied by a wheezing sound.

Persistent Cough

Experts say that lung tumors as well as leukemia can mimic the symptoms of a nagging cough or chronic bronchitis. You should not take that unrelenting cough lightly especially if it comes with chest pain.

Difficulty Swallowing

Having trouble swallowing is usually one of the fist few symptoms of lung cancer. Also, it is commonly associated with cancer of the throat or esophagus.

Facial Swelling

Lung cancer patients usually have puffy face because some of the blood vessels in the chest may be blocked by tumors, preventing blood from properly moving from your facial to your chest area.

Recurring Fever

Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells, and it involves the production of abnormal white blood cells. It’s for this reason why the infection-fighting ability of your body is considerably lowered. This results in recurring infection and fever.

Inflamed Lymph Nodes

Consult a doctor if you oftentimes feel that your lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or groin are enlarged and painful. It could mean that there are unnecessary changes taking place in your lymphatic system which could be an indicator of cancer.

Excessive Bruising

Having bruises all over is usually a sign of leukemia because the abnormal white blood cells out number your platelets and red blood cells, making it challenging for your blood to carry oxygen as well as clot.


Especially if you cannot find the reason why you are always fatigued and it cannot be relieved by rest and sleep, you should certainly let your doctor know about it. Chronic fatigue is usually an indicator of so many types of cancers especially when accompanied by other cancer signs and symptoms.

Abdominal or Pelvic Pain

Pain as well as cramping in the said region may be caused by ovarian cancer. There are times, too, when it is brought about by leukemia which causes the spleen to enlarge.

Weight Gain or Loss

If you are packing on some pounds or losing some, get routine tests done. Gaining weight is usually associated with ovarian cancer, and losing weight may be linked to digestive tract cancers.

Blood in the Stool

As soon as you notice rectal bleeding or a blood-streaked stool, make sure that you notify your doctor right away. Usually, this is an indicator of colorectal cancer. Undergoing a diagnostic procedure called colonoscopy allows for the early detection and treatment of the deadly disease.

Back Pain

A lot of women with breast or liver cancer often complain of back pain. This may be caused by a tumor or even a sign that the cancer cells have spread to the spine or ribs.

Breast Changes

Make sure that your doctor is informed right away when you notice breast changes such as swelling and redness. Anything that alters the appearance of your breasts may be a sign of breast cancer. You also have to pay special attention to the nipple. Be wary if it becomes inverted, flattened or turned to the side.

Heavy Periods

Request to undergo an ultrasound if you notice unusually heavy periods or bleeding in between your menstrual cycles. This may be an early warning sign of uterine or endometrial cancer.

Nail Changes

A dark spot or streak in the nail may be a sign of skin cancer. Clubbing may be linked to lung cancer. Liver cancer may leave your nails looking pale or white.

Skin Growths

Especially if strange growths on your skin fail to heal, bleed easily or end up crusty, you may have skin cancer.

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