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12 Telltale Signs You’re Seriously Addicted to Lifting

1. You used to love running/spinning/boxing. But now you find yourself skipping those to hit the weight room.


2. Actually, you can’t remember the last time you did cardio.



3. When you occasionally force yourself to, it feels like an eternity when it’s actually only been 5 minutes.


This feels like literal death. The dumbbells are calling my name, I swear.

4. You check yourself out, like, a lot in mirrors (both in and outside the gym). It’s not to peek at your hair or makeup, but to keep track of your gains.


Delts and glutes are basically eye-candy.

5. Seeing some new definition in a muscle group feels like Christmas came early.


And you obviously take an Insta to document it.

6. Speaking of somewhat gross and creepy things, you get funny muscle twitches that you secretly love.


It feels like your muscles are talking back to you.

7. You can name everyone in the weight room—meaning you can spot the newbies or seasonal crew almost instantly.


8. Pretty much any conversation you have ends up being about lifting.


Your friends know all your PRs. And you’ve probably tried to convince each of them to join you.

9. You have calluses and you’re damn proud of them.


10. When you haven’t lifted in a while, you feel like a deflated balloon.


Or a soggy pancake. Or melted ice cream. Either way, not good.

11. You have the urge to lift up other heavy things (like humans or furniture) just to see if you can.


A special pride comes with proving people wrong when they say, “Let me help you with that.”

12. And, most of all, walking into the weight room—any weight room—feels like coming home.


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