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Аlkaline Detoxification

Start alkalising your diet by decreasing the amount of acidic food you intake normally and increasing the amount of high alkaline food in your regular diet. Gradually cut out animal proteins (lamb, chicken, beef, fish, eggs), grains (rye, oats, millet, quinoa, wheat, barley, rice), and dairy products as much as you can. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, including lots of leafy greens. In fact, alkaline detoxification is based on healthy natural food and decrease of daily fat intake.
In order for the detoxification to be successful you have to follow the basic rules of a regular detoxifying process, which include drinking lots of water and green juices, avoiding alcoholic drinks, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and preservatives.

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The alkaline detox will make you feel better, get you rid of the symptoms caused by your body’s imbalanced ph-level, as well as prompt some amazing changes in your body making you much healthier. Furthermore, this diet will help you to decrease your daily intake of calories and fats, which will further result in weight loss. Among other benefits that you’ll gain by alkalising your diet are loss of body fat, more energy, greater concentration and clarity and clear and glowing skin.
Here are some types of alkaline food:
• Algae
• Parsley
• Papaya
• Oranges
• Olives
• Spinach
• Lemons
• Green figs
• Nuts
• Turnip
• Leafy greens
• Vegetable & fruit juices

You should consume combinations of these types of food as meals throughout the day whenever you feel hungry. The detox diet is meant to last 1-5 days, depending on a person’s endurance

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